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 App for ordering cupcakes deliveries.


For the design I choose the conventional with the non-conventional.

​​For the design I used an optimistic color palette, The pink is very gentle pastel color and the Supplementary color is in neon to modernize the design.

​When a cupcake is clicked a picture of the product reveals.

​The bike move along the preparation bar to emphasize the process.



The flow is made in a way that everything is constantly moving forward in the order process.
The user receives the full image at the highest and most shortest time.

By clicking "add to cart"  the amount is adjustable and the price Varies accordingly

Baking options - opens up a multiple selection  menu 

Tracking the process, after the order was made, gives the user a since of control.

By swiping to the left,

the user can delete items from the shoping cart. 

There's an option to "undo" the deleted items afew seconds after.

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